The Kingston Third Crossing involves the construction of a new 1.2 km bridge that will extend over the Cataraqui River connecting the east side and west side communities. The bridge is the largest infrastructure project the City has ever undertaken, improving the roadway approaches, accommodating active transportation, and providing modern roadway geometry and tie in to the existing road network.

The Third Crossing Project includes:

  • Create greater business connectivity and improve emergency service response.
  • Increase active transportation through a 4 m multi-use pedestrian and bike pathway.
  • Connections to waterfront trails on either side of the Cataraqui River, providing easy access to Kingston for residents and visitors.
  • Safety barriers to separate the public, vehicle traffic, and the multi-use path.
  • Public viewing and rest areas on the south side of the bridge.

The City of Kingston is committed to conserving and protecting wildlife and their habitat. The Project Team is dedicated to protecting the ecosystem within the project area and ensuring the bridge infrastructure is well designed to avoid or reduce adverse effects. Experts have and will continue to conduct surveys of plants and wildlife to protect the environment.

SYSTRA IBT is responsible for the detailed design and construction surveillance of the main bridge which consists of a 3-span continuous composite bridge.

Zachary McGain, General Manager, SYSTRA IBT Montréal
“This is an important community project that will make a positive impact on the lives of Kingston residents. As an international company with a strong track record in bridge design, we are proud to be part of the team delivering North America’s first IPD bridge. Together, we will blend technical innovation and aesthetic design to deliver the best value for the City of Kingston.”

Photo credit: Aerosnapper, Kingston

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