The Abraham Lincoln Bridge connects Downtown Louisville to Southern Indiana. This bridge will carry the northbound I-65 traffic immediately upstream of the existing Kennedy Bridge. The southbound traffic will be carried by the existing bridge.

The total length of the cable-stayed structure is 2,000 ft (610 m) with two main spans of 750 ft (229 m) providing a minimum clearance for the navigation channel of 680 ft x 71 ft (207 m x 22 m).

The 128 ft (39 m) wide superstructure carries six lanes of traffic and a 17 ft (5.2 m)-wide pedestrian/bikeway. It is supported by two planes of stay cables in a harp arrangement anchored along the edges of the deck. The three pylons have vertical legs without any cross beam above roadway level.

This innovative concept was selected over 32 other alternatives as a result of a 15-month bridge type selection process with extensive public involvement.

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